Reflections from the Home Team… Go the Distance will certainly be an encouragement for readers who may find themselves in a catastrophic health situation such as the author faced with his cancer diagnosis in 2009.  Often times people cling to any bit of hope they may see in others in their similar situation, and this book is an example of that hope.

The baseball/sports analogies that exist within the text speak to its readers in a creative, metaphorical way. Baseball terminology, in the author’s opinion, offers a universal language, which helps explain how he has dealt with the ups and downs of treatments as well as the adjustments he needed to make physically, emotionally and spiritually on his cancer journey. The book also interjects a competitive spirit into the cancer journey, which helps motivate and encourage a winning attitude.

The author shares that all of us experience interruptions at some point in our lives. He depicts in his reflections how some of the most important relationships that he has made came from what he first considered an interruption. He also shares through his reflections he has learned that the mission God gives each of us in life is almost always about people and those special connections we can make with others in our lives. If there is one thing the author’s cancer journey has taught him, it’s that difficult times can connect us to others in ways we may never have realized otherwise.  Those precious connections can provide us strength during our journeys; while at the same time providing us an opportunity to serve others and their needs.

Reflection entries in the book focus on three parts of the author’s s cancer journey including how his diagnosis impacted his life plans, doing his best to keep a positive focus throughout the grind of treatments and recovery and finally, maintaining and growing the connections established during treatment and recovery to allow his journey to continue. Each journal entry is shared chronologically with a short transition prior to each reflection - each reflection closes with an encouraging attitude, a spiritual insight and steps to consider.

The author offers his experiences and reflections so that other's journeys through difficult times may be filled with positive thoughts, while thanking God for each and every day of life, recognizing that life is a precious gift, and trusting that our Lord and Savior is with us on every step of our journey.

-Table of Contents-


A Life-Changing Event

Sharing the News

The Home Team vs. the Visiting Team

Be Joyful in Hope

The Grind

Annoying the Visiting Team

Stick to the Game Plan

Mental Toughness

One Pitch, One Inning at a Time

A Little Guy Named Taylor

Be Sure the Last Man is Out!

Nearing Home

Turning the Negative into the Positive

Ninth Inning Shutout

The Journey Continues…

Celebrating Life

The Right Mental Attitude

God Never Blinks

Building Positive People

Adjust and Move On

Spring Training

Don’t Waste Energy on What Cannot be Changed

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

Working Hard to Achieve Goals

Minimizing Worry and Maximizing Positivity

Strength and Peace

Anger Doesn’t Change Circumstances

Ode to the Tentmaker

Crows Don’t Hang with Eagles

Minor League Thinking

Why Did This Happen God?

Where is the Finish Line?

Life’s Poker Game

Faith, Family and Friends

Just Never Stop Hoping

The Art of Living

Pick Up the Pace

Life’s Warnings



Shut the Door on Yesterday


All for Naught?

New Beginnings

No Scapegoating

Listening Moment

Closing Reflection

Preparing for the Post Season... Fundamentals Check List

Reflections From the Home Team... STAYING POSITIVE When Life Throws You a Curve!

Since writing Reflections from the Home Team… Go the Distance, David Welter, a cancer survivor, has continued to share encouragement and inspiration for others who may be facing not only serious health issues such as cancer, but other life challenges as well.


By processing his cancer journey through writing reflections based on his experiences and the experiences of those he has come into contact with, Welter has provided hope and comfort for others who may be experiencing similar challenges in their life’s journey.


Reflections from the Home Team... STAYING POSITIVE When Life Throws You a Curve! is intended to be a resource you can turn to each day for hope and encouragement as you take on the daily challenges that life may “pitch” your way. The book is a go-to resource for injecting a healthy dose of positivity into your daily life. Positivity has been proven to make a difference in overcoming negativity and adversity, and each reflection in the book examines positive perspectives and approaches to dealing with those life challenges.


Each reflection includes an encouraging attitude, a spiritual insight and a step to consider which are frequently blended with baseball analogies and metaphors. Life’s challenges are not easy, just as baseball isn’t always easy. The game provides many lessons about success and failure, and those lessons can often be applied in our life journeys. As life’s curveballs and challenges come our way, Welter encourages reaching out to our “Home Teams” (both human and divine) for the strength, love, support and comfort needed to meet them.


The book can be used as a daily reflection to find a way forward, one step at a time, to help create some positive momentum whenever you may feel discouraged and may need a boost.  Remember, life is like a baseball game; when you think a fastball is coming, you have to be ready to hit the curve!

- Table of Contents -


Reflection 1: Fear Not!!                                                                                           

Reflection 2: Don’t Widen the Plate                                                                   

Reflection 3: Spreading the Message of Positivity                                     

Reflection 4: Illustrations of Love in the Interruptions in our Lives        

Reflection 5: Be Where Your Feet Are                                                                

Reflection 6: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone                                    

Reflection 7: Attitude, Anxiety, Trust and Controlling the Controllable    

Reflection 8: When Life Throws You Curveballs                                         

Reflection 9: The Principle of Encouragement                                           

Reflection 10: What Just Happened is Over…                                                 

Reflection 11: Everyone is Struggling with Something                                  

Reflection 12: Disappointment in the Fires of Life’s Challenges…      

Reflection 13: Let’s Put the “Giving” Back in Thanksgiving            

Reflection 14: Our Trust Must be Bigger than Our Fear                                 

Reflection 15: When Faced with a Barrel of Bricks                                        

Reflection 16: Put Your Positive Pants On                                                 

Reflection 17: The Sun Does Shine!                                                              

Reflection 18: Comeback Power                                                             

Reflection 19: Don’t Overthink… Listen and be Present                           

Reflection 20: Start Each Day as a Brand-New Game                                   

Reflection 21: Why Me?                                                                                  

Reflection 22: Changing Our Lives for the Better                                            

Reflection 23: Having Command of the Fundamentals                               

Reflection 24: The Blessings of Family                                                           

Reflection 25: Keeping a Balance During Life’s Challenges                         

Reflection 26: Plant Yourself Where You Are and Make a Difference          

Reflection 27: Lay Down Your Burdens and Worries and Simply Rest…   

Reflection 28: The Antidote to Fear is Trust                                                 

Reflection 29: Keeping an Eternal Perspective                                           

Reflection 30: We are Creatures Who Live by Our Stories                          

Reflection 31: There’s No Crying in Baseball!                                               

Reflection 32: Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Fear                          

Reflection 33: May There Always be an Angel at Your Side                         

Reflection 34: Establishing Margin                                                              

Reflection 35: Creating a “New Normal” from Life’s Lessons                      

Reflection 36: Get Back in the Game!                                                                

Reflection # 37:  Breaking Out of That Slump!                                               

Reflection # 38: A Time for Transformation                                                      

Reflection # 39: Responding to Life’s Challenges…                                                                 

Reflection # 40: Preparing for the Post Season