David Welter recently retired from the Cedar Falls Community School District in Cedar Falls, Iowa after serving a 40-year career in education, 37 years of which were spent in Cedar Falls. During that time, he taught social studies, and has been involved with baseball at the high school, college and professional levels while also serving as a Jr. High principal for the past sixteen years.


Welter was diagnosed with cancer on his 55th birthday in February of 2009, which inspired him to write his story, Reflections from the Home Team… Go the Distance sharing the hardships, emotions, support and hope he has encountered on his cancer journey since being diagnosed. He often uses baseball metaphors and analogies as a way to help communicate his thoughts, as he is most comfortable sharing his thoughts by tying them to that important part of his life.

Welter has continued to share encouragement and inspiration for others who may be facing not only serious health issues such as cancer, but other life challenges as well which led him to write his second book Reflection from the Home Team... STAYING POSITIVE When Life Throws You a Curve!


Coaching and educating young people have formed the core of Welter’s life over the years.  His passion and love for his students, staff and athletes is clearly demonstrated in his writing as he attempts to inspire a positive mindset for those struggling with cancer. Since retiring, Welter continues to scout for the Atlanta Braves, works as an education consultant, farms and enjoys precious time with his grand children. Welter has been inducted into the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame as well as being named Iowa’s Middle Level Principal of the Year.

David Welter